WEF 2017 -Parallel Session at CM 05 on 9th May 2017 at 08.30am to 10.45am

Topic No. & Name : 1211 Is Unconscious Bias Hurting your Business? & Why passion and commitment to excellence are crucial to get from Good to Great
Date & Time : (CM-05) Day-02- 9th May 2017 & 08.30am to 9:30am
Speakers : Dr. Anu Mehta, Beth Kelly Hatt, Danielle Timmons, Gitanjali Saksena, Lovely Kumar, Rupasree Roy,

Topic no. & Name : 1221 How Women can Create Value for Themselves and Succeed & You have the power
Date & Time: (CM-05) Day-02- 9th May 2017 & 09.45am-10.45am
Speaker : Gautam Mahajan, Kanika Tekriwal , Komal Shah, Kuiljeit Uppaal, Sanjana Mohan,

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